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Here are the most popular questions from the previous few weeks. You might find a topic related to a question you have.

Q: Does our Silver have colloidal in it?

A: PURE’s silver technology has taken colloidal silver and has turned it into the next generation of colloidal silver. Our Silver product incorporates a patented manufacturing technology to create an advanced nano-silver solution. Our Silver is easily absorbed and highly stable even outside of a glass container. It is also very safe, because unlike other silver products, it does not build up in the body. Research has shown it is excreted from the body within 24 hours making it a highly safe and effective way to gain the benefits of using Silver.

Q: Can you suggest recommendations on products that produce collagen?

A: MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), the main ingredient in Organic Sulfur, has been shown to support healthy joint function and mobility. How exactly MSM works is not known, but preclinical studies suggest it works by balancing inflammatory mediators. Some research also suggests the sulfur found in MSM can be incorporated into the connective tissue of the joints helping to maintain collagen integrity. Most published research on the benefits of MSM have used as much as 3g taken twice daily (6g/day total). To achieve this amount use 2 scoops daily by using one scoop in the morning and another in the evening, or take 6 capsules daily (3 in the morning and 3 in the evening).

Q: What product(s) help with hair growth?

A: PURE has not created a specific supplement for the benefit of maintaining healthy hair and growth; however, there are some essential vitamins, which may support normal, healthy hair. The B vitamin biotin, for example is often suggested for the benefit of the hair, skin, and nails. A lack of adequate biotin in the diet has been linked to minimized hair growth. Some case reports and a couple of smaller studies have shown an improvement in healthier-looking hair through the use of biotin supplementation. Daily Build liquid provides 300mcg (1000% DV) of biotin. While not the primary function of Organic Sulfur (MSM), sulfur is an important component of collagen production. Collagen also plays a role maintaining normal hair growth. Two smaller, preliminary studies have shown improvements in healthier-looking hair through the supplementation of MSM. Organic Sulfur may help support the maintenance of healthy hair.

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